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NorCal FTC Lottery Results! PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 02 February 2014 18:35

Congratulations to all teams!   Here are the 10 teams that will receive an invite to the NorCal FTC Championship


Draw Team #  Which Qualifier 
1 548 Saratoga
2 6052 Oakridge
3 3053 Toby Johnson
4 7907 Intel Folsom
5 4422 Irvington
6 5353 Mission San Jose  
7 7175 Play Space
8 7391 American
9 6165 Jefferson
10 7390 Heritage

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NorCal FTC Qualifying Tournament Registration Process PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark Edelman   
Wednesday, 18 September 2013 16:00

NorCal FTC Qualifying Tournament registration waves


The NorCal FTC Tournament registration process takes place in several waves. The process is designed to allow teams to have reasonable access to opportunities to compete even if they start a bit later in the season.


For each month's tournaments, registration will open about a month (or more) ahead of time.  Only the tournaments that are scheduled for the that month will be available for registration (later tournaments will become available at later dates). Each wave of registration activity will last only a few days, so it is important to pay attention.


The 1st wave (1st play) of registration for a month is open only to NorCal teams that have not competed / registered in any qualifying tournaments previously (for this season) and this would be the team's 1st event.


The 2nd wave (2nd play) of registration is open only to NorCal teams and for those that have already registered for up to 1 (one) previous event and this would be the team's 2nd event.


The 3rd wave, if needed (3rd play) of registration is open only to NorCal teams and for those that have already registered for up to 2 (two) previous events and this would be the team's 3rd event.


The 4th wave  (Open wave) of registration alllows all teams to register for the available tournament slots.  This includes registered teams from outside of the NorCal region ... i.e. Los Angeles, San Diego, out of state.  We welcome and want all of our NorCal QT events to be filled!



Tournament registration fees are due immediately upon registration for a tournament via paypal.   Payment can be received ahead of registration!!   We recommend pre-paying if  you have to mail a check and/or can not pay by credit card via paypal.  [If your team is planning on attending 2 qualifiers,  you can go ahead and pay for those and if you end up only registering for 1, we will return the extra money].


IMPORTANT:    Teams that "no show" an event will not have their registration count reset and are still responsible for the tournament registration fees!


IMPORTANT:  Teams that are registered for multiple events, qualify for advancement at an early event and then "no show" a later tournament will forfeit their advancement including if they are a host team.

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Approximate Schedule:  
Team check-in 8-8:15am
Opening Ceremony at 10:30am
Qualifying Rounds  11am to 3pm
 Semi & Final Rounds start at 3:30pm  
Award Ceremony at 5pm
Packout done by 6:30pm

Teams:  Don't forget your team roster!
More info  (2011 season - mostly correct)


cascadeeffect fnl tweak

FTC Cascade Effect Resource Page



Team Registration

Kit of Parts ordering is through the TIMS registration site.  Teams will be directed to a page with three options to order through:

  1. AndyMark:  to order Samantha module as well as other legal robot parts
  2. Matrix Robotics: Matrix kits
  3. Pitsco: Mindstorms / Tetrix kits

 When ordering additional Tetrix parts, you should order through parts.ftcrobots.com to get FTC team discount.

IMPORTANT:   The new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is not legal for FTC for the 2013-2014  season

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